Red, White, And Blue Desserts For Flag Day

A baker holding a pie decorated as the American Flag

Getting ready for Flag Day? In between your Flag Day parade and creating fun crafts with your little one, explore these flag day facts and whip together one of these deliciously patriotic desserts.

Flag Day Dessert on the Lighter Side

Flag Day Fact: When the Revolutionary War began, all of the colonies were fighting under their own flags which didn’t promote unity, so they set out to create a symbol of their united efforts. The first flag created by the colonists during their struggle for independence had thirteen red and white stripes and a union jack. Most people thought this original flag resembled the British flag too much. So, the union jack was removed and 13 stars on a blue field replaced it.

Now, there are 50 stars on our flag, but that might be harder to represent on this Fruity Patriotic Pizza. This Flag Day recipe is full of blueberries, strawberries, and cream cheese frosting. It’s a light but sweet dessert with thirteen stripes. Best of all, it can come together in only 20 minutes. Give it a try.

Easy to Share Flag Day Dessert

Flag Day Fact: Although the resolution recognizing the first United States flag was on June 14, 1777,  Flag Day wasn’t created until 1916. Before then, a Wisconsin teacher named Bernard Cigrand was the first person to promote the observance of the holiday. Cigrand held the first observation of flag day at his school in 1885.

If you’re celebrating flag day with a large group or classroom full of participants, you should prepare a dessert that is easy to share. These simple Crispy Star Pops are a wonderful idea you can make for school-age children.

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Star Filled Flag Day Dessert

Flag Day Fact: A high school student named Bob Heft designed the current 50-star flag. He created the flag as a school project when Alaska became an official state. Although Alaska brought the total number of states to 49, Heft was convinced that Hawaii would soon be a state as well. So, he stitched together a flag with 50 stars instead of 49 and sent his design to his congressman. He turned out to be right. So, on July 4, 1960, Heft and the president stood beneath the flag when it was raised for the first time.

In honor of our 50 states, see if you can fit 50 stars on this yummy Star-Studded Blueberry Pie.  If you’re feeling generous bring the team at Nissan of Hendersonville a slice.

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