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Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies cooling, fresh from the oven.
Whether your kids have stopped eating their candy or you did not get as many trick-or-treaters as expected, leftover Halloween candy can feel like a waste. Plus, you do not want to hold on to it until Christmas–yuck! Whatever reason you have leftover candy this year, Baker Mama has a... [read more]

Stay Safe In The Carpool Line With These Driving Tips

If you are a proud member of the parent carpooling club, chances are, you are in charge of driving around a lot of kiddos. You can have tasty snacks, good tunes, and a car full of laughs, but the most important thing is ensuring the kids are getting to school... [read more]

Save Your Pennies With These Grocery Shopping Hacks

One of the biggest monthly expenses is your monthly grocery bill. According to this CNBC article, Americans spend an average of $5,174 a year on groceries. If you saved just a 10th of that, you would pocket an extra $500 a year. Nissan of Hendersonville is all about saving out... [read more]

Take The Kids To The Nix Pumpkin Patch This Fall

Have your kids ever wondered where pumpkins come from? As you've probably told them, the answer is not from the grocery store. But if you want them to experience the joy of heading out into a field and picking a pumpkin right off the vine, visit Hendersonville and take the... [read more]