What You Should Know Before Your Child Starts Kindergarten

kindergarten parent

If you have a child starting kindergarten, you may have a lot of unanswered questions. It’s hard to know what to expect if neither of you has ever gone through this experience before. You’ll definitely learn a lot as you go, but here are a few ideas you might find helpful before that big first day arrives.

Meet and Explore

Take full advantage of the Meet the Teacher or Open House at your child’s school. Take the time to meet the other parents and to introduce your child to some new classmates. If possible, try to meet some of the other school staff, like the principal and librarian. Get to know the lay of the land as well. Make sure your child knows how to get to his or her classroom, as well as the lunchroom, bathroom, and playground. Spend a few minutes playing while you’re there. Reiterate how much fun he or she will be having at school.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Go over your child’s supply list and make sure you’ve bought all the required items. Don’t forget about things like water bottles and lunch containers. Label everything. Make sure each item has a designated place so everything will be easy to grab in the morning. Practice putting things in place at night so they’re ready to go. And practice getting ready in the morning so the first day will be a breeze.

Talk it Out

Stay positive when you talk to your child about starting school, but don’t dismiss any fears they might have. Talk about what the first day will be like. Go over the class schedule and who will be picking them up. Ask them about their concerns. Tell them about your own first day of school and what you remember feeling. If you have anxiety of your own about the transition, don’t talk to your child about it. But do find a trusted friend to talk to if you need support.

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Most importantly, take advantage of the time you have left to prepare. Have some fun and go out with a bang. There will only be so many first days of school.

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