Have A Safe Vacation With These Road Trip Tips

family road trip

Are you ready to take your family on the road for some end-of-summer fun? You’ve probably already put considerable time and planning into your vacation agenda, but it’s also important to properly prepare for the trip itself. These are just a few road trip tips to make sure the entire family stays safe and content during those long hours on the road.

Get a Tune-Up

Before hitting the road, bring your car in for a quick maintenance appointment to make sure it’s ready for all those miles ahead. We can check your tread levels, tire pressure, fluid levels, wiper blades, and all the other components you don’t think about in your day-to-day commute. If you need an oil change or tire rotation, we can handle that as well. Be sure you have a spare tire and proper tools for changing one. Once your vehicle is in tip top shape, all you need to do is gas up, and you’re ready to go!

Prepare the Passengers

Now that your vehicle is in order, it’s time to focus on what its occupants will need for the trip. Pack a small cooler of drinks and a basket of snacks. Mix it up with both salty and sweet treats, and include some healthy options as well. A roll of paper towels or some baby wipes might come in handy if there are spills. You’ll want to bring plenty of things to entertain the kids, especially since rowdy youngsters can be a huge distraction to drivers. On that note, make sure anyone who’s driving gets plenty of rest the night before your departure. If you get tired, trade seats with someone who’s more rested, stop to stretch your legs, or pull in somewhere for a power nap if you have to.

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Buckle Up

This tip is obvious, but it’s so important that it’s worth mentioning anyway. Wearing a seatbelt is such a simple way to greatly reduce your chance of death or injury in an accident. So, avoid the temptation to loosen the reigns or to let kids lie down in the seat for a nap. The slight restriction of a seatbelt is well worth the trade off of getting you safely to your destination.

Finally, sit back and enjoy the ride! We wish you safe travels and happy memories.

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