Why It May Be Time For An Oil Change

Oil being poured into an engine

Do you understand why your car needs fresh, clean oil? We hope the answer is, “quite a bit,” but if it isn’t that’s perfectly alright. Nissan of Hendersonville’s team is keen on providing our Hendersonville customers with a knowledge center for all of your car questions. If you’re wondering why it is important to keep your vehicle’s oil fresh, read on for the top five impacts oil has on your vehicle’s health.

Oil is Your Engine’s Lubrication

The engine that powers your car, truck, or SUV has many moving parts. All the components of your engine move extremely fast, and if the parts are not properly lubricated, the movement will create friction, grinding, and unnecessary wear and tear on your engine. So, your vehicle needs fresh oil to keep your engine lubricated and operating smoothly.

Oil Acts as an Engine Coolant

Without an oil change, all the friction created by your engine’s parts clanging together also creates heat. Too much and your car will overheat. To prevent that, it’s important to keep sufficient amounts of clean oil in your vehicle.

Oil Changes Keep Your Engine Clean

Two things can gunk up your engine reducing its lifespan and possibly causing immediate problems. The first is dirt particles, which can corrode your engine over time. The second is sludge. The oil in your car slowly breaks down into sludge over time. So, even if you keep the right amount of oil in your car by routinely topping it off, you’ll eventually need to change the oil filter and replace the old oil with a fresh batch to keep your engine clean.

Oil Changes Increase Fuel Efficiency

Without proper lubrication, your engine consumes more fuel to operate. It can impact your vehicle enough to increase consumption by one to two percent, and according to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save almost an entire gallon in fuel a year simply by changing your oil regularly.

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Oil Changes Increase Your Engine’s Lifespan

Your engine is designed to operate at its optimal levels when the oil inside is clean, properly weighted, and maintained at the right levels. If those conditions aren’t being met, the components of your engine have to work harder to keep your car moving. Over time, this can cause your engine to wear down prematurely.

So, to keep your vehicle’s engine purring along for as long as possible, schedule routine oil changes at Nissan of Hendersonville. Our service center technicians are always happy to serve you.

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