Save Your Pennies With These Grocery Shopping Hacks

Woman checks her grocery reciept

One of the biggest monthly expenses is your monthly grocery bill. According to this CNBC article, Americans spend an average of $5,174 a year on groceries. If you saved just a 10th of that, you would pocket an extra $500 a year. Nissan of Hendersonville is all about saving out customers money, so we found this list of ways you can stretch your grocery budget.

Find a Grocery Rewards Card

If you pay for your groceries with a rewards card, you can earn a chunk of cashback depending on the card you choose. CNBC lists one card that give customers a up to 6 percent cashback in the form of statement credits on up to $6,000 per year. That’s considerable cash that could go back in your pocket every year.

Loyalty Programs and Coupon Clipping

Another way to save is to use your favorite grocery store’s loyalty program. Almost all grocery stores have some form of loyalty program which gives customers extra discounts. Coupon clipping can also help. You’ll likely find weekly coupon pages in your mail. Look through them each week to find coupons that are relevant to you. The key to good couponing is sticking to items that you actually need. If you wouldn’t normally buy the item on the coupon, you’re actually spending more instead of saving, so make your shopping list before you start couponing.

Join a Wholesale Club

If you have a large family, buying in bulk could save you a lot of money. That’s where wholesale clubs like Costco come in handy. One thing to consider when buying in bulk is although you’ll save more money overtime, you will need to pay more upfront to reap the benefits.

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Change Your Grocery Shopping Habits

There are also things that you can do to save money every time you make a grocery store run.

  • Take advantage of grocery store promotions and sales to stock up on staple items.
  • Avoid pre-packaged items like shredded cheese and chopped veggies. They will cost more than unprepared items like block cheese.  Instead, buy the whole product and do the prep work at home to save cash.
  • Buy the generic brand. Name brand items cost more, and the generic version often tastes just as good.
  • Compare prices between stores.

Follow these tips and you’ll see a difference at the checkout counter.

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