Fancy Fall DIY Home Décor Tips

String lights and fall colors for Fall decorations

Fall is almost here and it’s time to trade your breezy summer decorations for a warm and cozy autumn vibe. Check out these DIY guides for evoking the harvest season in your home’s décor.

Start With a Wreath

Trade your patriotic labor day wreath for one with warm autumn colors like burnt orange, olive green, and sienna. You can make one with fall leaves, pumpkins, or even one that resembles a harvest cornucopia. Take a look at the wreath ideas below.

  • Fall Leaf Wreath: This wreath is easy to put your creative spin on. Just grab felt sheets in the colors that suit your mood best.
  • Bandana Wreath: This wreath doesn’t require any sewing. All you have to do is tie strips of red, orange, and black bandanas around a wire wreath frame.
  • Elegant Pumpkin Wreath: This wreath arranges pumpkins, yellow squash, acorn squash, and corn in the semblance of a colorful cornucopia.

Use the Nature To Decorate

The beauty of fall comes from the wonderful painting that falling leaves make. You can find those colors at your local craft store or you can get them right from the source — fallen leaves and plants from the autumn harvest.

  • Dried Leaf Garland: Instead of bagging up the leaves in your front yard, string them together in a beautiful garland.
  • Pumpkin Flower Basket: You can make a spooky jack-o-lantern or you can hollow out your pumpkin and fill it with pretty flowers.
  • Glowing Leaf Jars: Glue turning leaves to the inside of a mason jar and add a tea light to create an enchanting effect.

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Rustic Fall Décor

Farmhouse chic looks good all the time but if we were going to assign the rustic vibe to a season, it would be fall. Check out a few easy ways to add the aesthetic to your home.

  • Rustic Fall Jars: There are a lot of ways to make a mason jar feel rustic from wrapping it in burlap or tying a bit of twine around it.
  • Terracotta Scarecrow: All you need is burlap, brown grass, and rope to make this adorable little scarecrow.
  • Wooden Pumpkins: Do you have any scrap wood laying around? You can use it to make these rustic wooden pumpkins.

We hope these fun crafts will help you bring the beauty of fall into your home.

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